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with the success of Kevin Durant in Nike, the KD series's follow on style is on the horizon. Recently, the media have exposed a suspected child version of the Nike KD 7 NSW Lifestyle, the heel of fancy patterns we have had in the KD4 "weather" saw similar color collocation, and ankle straps at the grain also appeared in KD7's sole, so many clues we can see that this shoe is still a continuation of KD a series of weather elements, let us look forward to the adult version of KD 7 Lifestyle which will add new elements. 2012-2-29 09:00 upload and download the attachment (92.08 KB) recently in the online shopping website of famous foreign exposure of a 07 year production of Nike Dunk High P orange horsehair version sample exposure, not officially on sale. The whole body of the shoe with orange color, part of the application design of horsehair orange, solid rubber rubber sole color durable outsole, tongue, laces, shoe lining and side Swoosh is the use of white. Gives the luxurious feeling, simultaneously also manifests the white orange the fresh feeling. to build the Air Jordan as the theme of fear III, fear is one of the series of shoes, shoes with gray and black as the main color, red shoelaces decoration and embellishment on the back cushion. The new product has no detailed marketing information for the time being. recently, the network exposure for Wade on the pitch wearing the shoes Li-Ning Wade Gentleman Assassin, Li-Ning Wade Gentleman Assassi Cheap foamposites for sale n is the exposure of the three colors, including black and red color, white color and blue color. Currently, the three colors are on sale, priced at 439 yuan. most of the domestic sneakerhead usually plays with shoes, buys shoes, and receives sneakers, is mostly through domestic websites and media , but there are also a lot of hardcore sneakers around Hin, many of them say "" domestic shoes, not only fake shoes, shoes information is relatively lagging behind, today, let's take a look at ebay, a foreign shoe trade hub look at the most expensive 23 double AJ on eBay now # NO.23 # Air Jordan 1 Retro "Dave White" you Size: 12 price: $4500 / 30952 RMB 2011 in Nike, in order to launch its own charity project "WINGS for the Future" has launched the AJ1 with the artist Dave White AJ1 this year only launched 23 pairs, and all sold in the form of auction # 22, # Air Jordan 11985, Black, Red, OG Size: 9.5 price: $7000 / 48148 RMB this is a pair of allegedly sold in 1985 first year, "no wear" gold size, but the price on eBay almost goes to 50 thousand RMB # 21, # Air Jordan 11, Retro Low, "Sample", Size: 9 , this is a sample version of the AJ 11 Low, launched in 2013, relative to the official release version of this sample uses a lot of red elements, (official release) # 20, # Air Jordan 2 Retro "Eminem" Size: 17 price: $7500 / 51587 RMB Jordan Brand launched a pair of AJ 2 in collaboration with Eminem in 2008 although th Cheap jordans online e sale price was only $110 but these shoes are limited to 313 pairs, which is also Detroit's honor code, interestingly, the limited sale of shoes are large, 〉The famous comic " famous Japanese cartoonist Mr. Takehiko Inoue's dunk master" with a lot of the 80 who dreams of mind in a way, today is still a lot of basketball fans and anime fans about the topic, in that few can see NBA video game nor rich Internet's life, a master and a Dunk Basketball has become indispensable when children part of life. Even if the television replay hundreds of times, you will also follow to see hundreds of times, this is not wrong! I carry your youth blood drip the legend of God, more or less affected the US, in this period, Xiaobian bring you is the protagonist through the master dunk shoes. Hunan color is the most fiery bulls in color, the author put his love for Jordan, the Bulls into his own basketball comic creation, which contains thick truth more easily resonate basketball fans. Hunan, this has never been optimistic about the team, so quietly in the hearts of many people become the self-evident. Yingmuhuadao height 189.2 cm, weight 83 kg, layman thoroughly without the basketball foundation, in addition to the rebound skill, amazing power, jumping ability, speed and die fighting spirit, exercise habits and nerve as well as the layman is different from ordinary people, let the opponents guessing his next move. kind of obsession and dedication of Sa Retro jordans for sale kuragi basketball infected many sports loving young basketball fans. As one of the absolute master of comic character, his feet certainly never caught your eye highlights the lack of. Air Jordan 8 $879 to buy ; Air Jordan 8 Alternate with white as the basic color, are lined with embroidered graffiti style has 1993 red shoes to create a unique visual sense. Using high quality leather uppers with metal straps to create red plastic buckle is solidly jointed and comfortable; the heel is equipped with built-in Air-Sole air cushion, with rubber outsole collocation multi grip shading, show the actual performance. I height 187 cm, weight 75 kg, known as the "super rookie", Hunan is the array of ACE, handsome cool appearance is the object, the girls had a crush on the same, he also has a Air foot rotation Jordan Brand shoes, Air shoes Jordan 5 with his chic flowing style. Come and go on the pitch is just like a gust of wind, take people's attention. Air Jordan 6 $988 to buy Rukawa Kaede with Air Jordan, the Brand men's basketball shoes have excellent cushioning properties sensitive to help you experience in the field of battle, enjoy the quick comfortable game, basketball shoes after the air cushion can effectively improve the springback response performance, plastic is full of explosive pace of performance, at the same time in the fast break and steering.Two black and white color have been released before the Adidas Drop Top recently again two new na Cheap foamposites for sale vy blue and dark gray color, restrained the shoes feel more deeply on the other. Personal feeling Adidas Drop Top can count as Nike, Air, Yeezy, and no fly line No Flywire trend basketball shoes opponent. Application of snakeskin pattern material just perfect, if not the devil stick design two-way tie also never mind, wavy outsole is seductive. Adidas Drop Top will be officially on sale in August, priced at about $90, it is worth starting the adidas shoes has been waiting for days! Nike Air Mag is very afeared to come! but this will be sold at auction! its auction proceeds are donated to the Michael J. Fox Parkinson research foundation, more details of the auction, but also to be announced in the spring of 2016. , there's no doubt that we're disappointed,. In this paper, the first public from WeChat Economy & Finance Weekly (ID:CBNweekly2008), authorized reprint. as the world's largest sporting goods retailer, Foot Locker has not been in the evaluation of suppliers is biased, after all, who boast a sentence or a little of it, are likely to offend other brand long-term cooperation. But at an investor conference in 2016, the CEO Richard Johnson has said the head. He mentioned "sustainable growth from Adidas is one of the most important force in the development of the industry, and praised the German brand" great works "(" on a great run ") - though, he immediately added Nike is still the biggest partner. Johnson is n Cheap air jordans for sale ot really standing in Adidas talk rubbish, 2016 sports shoes market even fashion center. Global fashion website Highsnobiety will be based on sports shoes sold price to regular statistics "the world's most valuable sports shoes" list, it is regarded as the current hot wind vane shoes. In the third quarter of 2016 TOP10 list, Adidas Yeezy Boost and Nike NMD occupy 7 seats, only a pair of Air Jordan 4 Retro Obsidian in seventh. shoes has always been the largest proportion in the sports apparel revenue and gross margin of the highest category, the major brands are the most sophisticated technology used in the shoes R & D, each other contest also can be said to be concentrated to the shoes. investment bank in 2016 for the two sports brand gives different rating. Although Nike repeatedly explain earnings data is not ideal with floating exchange rates, but in the past two months, Merrill Lynch, ZackInvestment and Cowen & amp; Company have lowered its rating, its stock price has shrunk by 20% in one year. In contrast, Adidas's share price rose out of a beautiful curve at the beginning of 2016 it is still hovering around 84 euros per share in December 9th, has risen to 145 euros per share. two years ago, this was not the case. At that time the world's most valuable sports shoes Nike list was almost swept, Adidas has repeatedly lowered the profit target, but also to Germany in 2014 the worst performance of stocks. North America is the world's second larges Cheap jordans online air jordan 11 blackout for sale t market for Adidas in addition to outside Western Europe, it was the rookie Under Armour out of the second position in the market. People were talking about Nike Free, Air Jordan or Under Armour tights, and Adidas are mentioned, think of things well, no German brand image of excitement today, at least in the explosion on this issue seems to be hourglass upside down. in sports shoes fancier view, everything is from the beginning of a new material. 〉 ??????designer for balenciaga So CUTE D Graceland amp cast Graceland and So Cute bags in fashion One of the most beautiful show off the ring engagement photos i ve ever seen So precious A Girls Dream Day Ring Engagement Engagement photo for balenciaga So CUTE D Gracelan" /〉 air jordan white metallic silver shirt Black Faux Suede Cross Strap Platform Heels Cicihot Heel Shoes online store sales Stiletto Heel Shoes High Heel Pumps Womens High Heel Shoes Prom Pinteres jordan mid white Deployment Care package Military Deployment Care Packages Care Packages and Veterans Day purses leather Samantha Hannon on Military Marine Corps Death and Album designer for balenciaga So CUTE D Graceland amp cast Graceland and So Cute After the Jordan Brand just put on a new Riverwalk color for the Air Jordan XX9, the classic black and white color comes along. The following black and white color Air Jordan XX9 continues the pinnacle of design, with very simple black-and-white interpretation of the ete cheap foamposites rnal classic, interested friends, please pay more attention to. item: 695515-070 release date: October 25th release date: $225 air-jordan-xx9-29-black-black-white-1.jpg (89.92 KB, download times: 0) download attachment Air Jordan XX9 black and white matching 2014-10-8 upload at 21:35 air-jordan-xx9-29-black-black-white-2.jpg (134.99 KB, download times: 0) download attachment Air Jordan XX9 black and white matching 2014-10-8 upload at 21:35 air-jordan-xx9-29-black-black-white-3.jpg (108.1 KB, download times: 0) download attachment Air Jordan XX9 black and white matching 2014-10-8 upload at 21:35 air-jordan-xx9-29-black-black-white.jpg (82.97 KB, download times: 0) download attachment Air Jordan XX9 black and white matching 2014-10-8 21:35 upload , Air, Jordan, XX9, ajxx9, aj29 00 to celebrate Asics's signature Gel Lyte shoes III was born 25th anniversary, many well-known brands have launched their joint cooperation projects, recently joined the tide brand CNCPTS, launched a new version of this memorial. This shoe body selects the texture class suede crafted, and fusion of white, blue and red and gold decoration shoes, while gold and silver were used to create the body of the shoe side of the iconic line, interested friends please lock 〉 MayIn recent years, the Nike SB, which has been flagging, has started to play the game because of the lack of design inspiration. In 2004, the classic design SB Dunk Low Sea Crystal as the remake version, with its fresh and pleasant design again capture many shoes fans heart. After the official release of the official atlas, we will bring you a group of real shot, interested friends may wish to pay more attention to. nike-sb-dunk-low-sea-crystal-available.jpg (152.09 KB, download times: 14) download attachment Nike, SB, Dunk, Low, Sea, Crystal, , beauty appreciationUpload 08:55 2016-10-21 nike-sb-dunk-low-sea-crystal-available-1.jpg (144.88 KB, download times: 15) download attachment Nike, SB, Dunk, Low, Sea, Crystal, , beauty appreciationUpload 08:55 2016-10-21 nike-sb-dunk-low-sea-crystal-available-2.jpg (127.71 KB, download times: 14) download attachment Nike, SB, Dunk, Low, Sea, Crystal, , beauty appreciationUpload 08:55 2016-10-21 nike-sb-dunk-low-sea-crystal-available-3.jpg (165.34 KB, download times: 14) download attachment Nike, SB, Dunk, Low, Sea, Crystal, , beauty appreciationUpload 08:55 2016-10-21 nike-sb-dunk-low-sea-crystal-available-5.jpg (139.94 KB, download times: 14) download attachment Nike, SB, Dunk, Low, Sea, Crystal, , beauty appreciationUpload 08:55 2016-10-21 the Central Meteorological Observatory issued an emergency warning of typhoon orange at 18 yesterday. This year, the No. sixth tropical storm "Fengshen", or in the early morning to early morning in Guangdong, Shenzhen, Fujian, Zhaoan coastal area near the landing. under its influence, today during the day, the Taiwan Strait and Guangdong coastal eastern and southern Fujian, north of the South China Sea wind winds will be 6~8, "Aeolus" center wind up 9~10; Eastern Guangdong, southern Fujian and southern and Western Taiwan heavy rain, local there is heavy rain or torrential rain. yesterday, Guangdong, Fujian two provinces are the "Aeolus" prepared to meet the challenge. according to the "Aeolus" and "dynamic Guangdong province flood control and drought contingency plans" wind, Guangdong on 23 March 22 to start anti typhoon emergency response grade, request the relevant units to carry out their duties, take corresponding defense measures. according to the vice governor of Guangdong Province, the provincial flood control and Drought Relief Headquarters chief Li Ronggen revealed that the Guangdong provincial Party committee and provincial government leaders will personally visit the wind line inspection guidance. Wang Yang, the CPC Central Committee, Secretary of the Guangdong provincial Party committee, deputy secretary of Guangdong provincial Party committee, governor Huang Huahua, and the Guangdong Provincial Committee, deputy governor Huang Longyun led the team to Meizhou and Yunfu respectively, Chaozhou etc.. 9:30 yesterday morning, Fujian province to flood control headquarters in Zhangzhou, Xiamen, Quanzhou, Longyan City, issued a defense "Aeolus" No. first instructions, maritime departments should strengthen the command and dispatch ships in the Taiwan Strait, to ensure the safe navigation of ships. nearly 18 o'clock yesterday, Fujian Sheng Fangzhi deputy director general, Department of water resources director Yang Chi Ying told reporters analysis, "Aeolus" continued to weaken, such as continuing to move northwest, it will determine the basic landing in Guangdong, even in Jiangxi, only some rainfall in Fujian, but if not to the cloud move northwest may be suspended in the skies over Fujian, will meet with the cold air coming tomorrow, bring heavy rain. the tropical storm Fengshen may have landed this morning in the coastal areas of Guangdong, Zhuhai and Shanwei. Affected by the wind and rain may occur in Quanzhou, the public should pay attention to prevention. Coastal ports, airports, towns and construction sites have been prepared to do typhoon prevention in strict accordance with the plan, (editor in chief: admin)For Kanye West's loyal fans, Yeezy 350, Boost, V2, once the feet can not get off, it is said to be toxic, and no medicine can be solved! Canada NameBran game player is "suffer", even to the rink also remember this classic, this time he will skate with Yeezy 350 Boost V2 together, although the shoe body no support at all, but who can stop the love? yeezy-ice-skates-1.jpg (66.12 KB, download times: 8) download attachment adidas Yeezy Boost 350 V2 ice skates customized version of 2016-12-26 10:15 Adidas Yeezy Boost upload, 350, ice skates, customized version 00