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[Chinese shoes Network - News] Nike brand in the English official website yesterday said that based on humanitarian considerations, Nike will phase out the use of kangaroo leather soccer shoes. To allow the animals receive humane treatment, Nike has informed the Australian government, I hope local suppliers in accordance with strict rules and regulations, humane treatment of animals. In an interview with reporters yesterday, Adidas corporate communications director Sabrina said: "The reasons are based on innovative, 'Falcon' series of soccer shoes will no longer use kangaroo skin." She also said that now have been able to synthesize materials provide the same performance and kangaroo leather shoes. abandon kangaroo leather intended to protect the kangaroos? Yesterday, the foreign football equipment football fashion website disclosure, Nike will phase out the use of kangaroo leather soccer shoes. Subsequently, the Chengdu Chinese Commercial News reporters Zai Naike and De Yingwen official website to see this is the official statement. Nike side said that since December 2009, the company has adjusted its strategy for a more long-term development and based on humanitarian considerations, we have eliminated product snake, lizard and crocodile skin is made of a material, and will gradually Eliminated kangaroo leather. Nike said it would actively research and development and innovation synthetic materials to gradually get rid of the use of kangaroo leather to make shoes. In addition, Nike also regard the statement said, in order to let the animals receive humane treatment, the company has informed the Australian government, hoping to local suppliers in accordance with strict rules and regulations, humane treatment of animals. Nike and Adidas are using kangaroo leather production of soccer shoes major sporting goods company, after Nike issued a statement, Adidas is what attitude? Yesterday, the reporter made contact via email with the Adidas headquarters, the company's business Sabrina communications director, said: "The reason based on innovative, Adidas 'Falcon' Cheap jordans online air jordan 11 blackout for sale series of soccer shoes will no longer use kangaroo skin." She also said synthetic materials now been able to provide the same performance with kangaroo leather for athletes and consumers shoes. In fact, the sporting goods company use kangaroo leather shoes manufactured in recent years has been foreign animal protection organizations protest and opposition. In 2007, the Supreme Court of California had to make a ruling banning the adidas sales in the state of kangaroo leather shoes. In addition, Wayne Rooney, Terry and other Premiership players have manufactured for wearing kangaroo leather soccer shoes, and was denounced international animal protection organizations. Before the World Cup, the head of the Australian Wildlife Protection Association of Justin & middot; Cassville also specifically expressed the hope that the football stars are able to kill the animal's behavior kicked out of the World Cup. abandon kangaroo leather sneakers lower cost? Some people think that synthetic materials can not completely replace kangaroo leather texture, one called this & middot; commentators and general manager of the soccer equipment company Perkins American football earlier this year, there was a famous American football football commentary site On view author, called for "Do not forbid a kangaroo soccer shoes." He said: "We are strongly opposed to the authentic leather soccer shoes out of the market and I know a synthetic material is cheaper, but leather shoes touch is irreplaceable Some people think that a lot more expensive leather, synthetic leather, but added a lot of science and technology, they are!. Technology value will say how much money, so I finally made out of shoes not necessarily much cheaper than leather. " In addition, the online statement also suggested that Nike's probably not just for humanitarian, of which there are factors to control costs. In this regard, the Chengdu Chinese Commercial News reporters Cai Fangle and Guo Neimou famous football equipment website Global Moderator even-even, hoping to get his professional answer. Even even said that th Retro jordans for sale e main advantages of kangaroo leather shoes is breathable, soft, malleable and ball feel better, but higher cost, thus Nike sneakers in kangaroo leather that use some of the products are high-end products. Even even said, although synthetic materials in the development phase will be more consumption of some funds, but after this stage too, the cost still will come down, "kangaroo leather is no longer used for environmental protection, and environmental protection is the ultimate goal to reduce material The loss of Nike in recent years vigorously develop synthetic material soccer shoes, the goal is lighter, such as 'assassin' series. In order to reduce the weight of shoes, Nike is bound to go the way the use of light materials, will be used 'fly line' so science and technology. " Even even revealed that Nike is now a new synthetic material is Kangalite, "CTR 360" series is used in this material, "Nike said that this material is more flexible, but also closer to the feel of kangaroo leather, but I still feel Kangalite and Kangaroo leather has a large gap, of course, its cost should be lower than kangaroo leather "At this point, even-even and Ben & middot;.. Perkins view is the same. In the kangaroo leather as having only In addition to making use kangaroo leather soccer shoes, there are a lot of sports but also with animal organs concerned. For example, the most famous pig bladder, appeared in front of modern football, with a pig bladder for bile produced by modern football, it has been very widely popular in the UK. cattle 2006-07 season, NBA has conducted reform, the use of artificial skin the game of basketball, but the league after the discovery changed not only the player hits the ball drop, very easy to hurt your fingers, forced, the Union had to go back leather basketball. There are also horse racing, the best general use calfskin saddle, bridle is also usually made from high-quality leather. One of shell material is sheepskin sheep volleyball. Using sheepskin feel when playing can reach in softness. Early horse hockey protective gear, horsehide is the Cheap foamposites for sale most important building material. deer windriver famous Canadian ski products company had a famous glove, the materials are deerskin, while there had been an Adidas shoes, but also with deerskin manufacture. ostrich ostrich is often used to make golf bags, alligator is one addition to the material. Ambrosi Abrianna by the United States launched the AA Pro series of alligator golf bags, the highest price can reach $ 62,000. because of concern Beckham abandon kangaroo leather shoes kangaroo leather shoes produced, has met with strong opposition Defenders of Wildlife, who oppose the killing of kangaroos way to get the whole kangaroo leather and adopted. According to information on the production of kangaroo leather shoes mainly from those new born wallabies, and in order to ensure the integrity of leather, in most cases these wallabies are alive and killed with sticks. Defenders of Wildlife believes such a way wallaby is too cruel, so will the use of kangaroo leather shoes made firmly resisted. 2002 during the World Cup, Beckham wore kangaroo leather shoes is made, the result was a protest Defenders of Wildlife and the stick knocked dead wallaby video showed Beckham look. In the end, Beckham gave up his kangaroo leather shoes. But despite the kangaroo is one of the symbols of Australia, but in the Australian domestic kangaroo but not particularly protected species affected. Adidas plans to no longer use kangaroo leather shoes as a raw material, when the Chengdu Chinese Commercial News reporters Ba Zheyi and Xiao Xi told a local resident after Australia, he was surprised that "in fact, like a kangaroo, koala friends this opinion in China very rare very adorable animals in Australia are of a very common species. "According to this Australian residents, currently Australia's Kangaroo has more than 60 million, due to the kangaroos perennial weeds and shrubs for food, resulting in ecological balance is threatened Australia "In Australia, the government asked people to pay every year a planned killing of kangaroos." (Chinese shoes Network - the most authoritativ cheap foamposites e and most professional Footwear News)Phase2Blogs recently exposed a Jordan Brand's super star Michael Vick player version of Air Jordan 3 football shoes, this version of the 2010 super bowl Michael Vick on foot is the same, the vamp adopts pearl leather, red and blue complementary color, the player football shoes version is equipped with Zoom Air corrosion shock unit. Nike SB, Project, BA, Brian, Anderson, and, which have been designed by famous skateboards, hand and hand. The new color blue shoes to create Tibetan main body, with black shoes, and in the end to show bright yellow. The new Nike SB Project BA with Nike proud of the Lunarlon slow vibration system, bringing skateboarding enthusiasts unprecedented comfort experience. It is reported that this color will be in the near future on the major counters shelves. Nike celebrates the black history month with a series of products. I want to pay tribute to six athletes and coaches who have positive influence on sports with courage and determination. The six athletes and coaches including Surtees Beasley (Theotis Beasley), Kevin - Prince - Boateng (Kevin-Prince Boateng), Jerry Rice (Jerry Rice), Bbu Leonna Rawlins (Brianna Rollins), C Vivian (C. Vivian Stringer) and the launch of John Thompson (John Thompson). , vice president of Nike global basketball category and general manager Jimmy Shijie (Michael Jackson) said: "the movement is an excellent platform to inspire and encourage the society to actively change. Our 2015 black history theme series salutes and praises the great athletes and social leaders, who influence the global culture and paved the way for our next generation. product series The special 2015 BHM series includes a number of single items, all of which are in black and white and are mixed with three different prints. The 2015 BHM series includes: sneakers: . LEBRON 12 BHM . KD 7 BHM . KOBE 9 Elite BHM . KYRIE 1 BHM . Air Jordan XX9 BHM . Air Max 1 Ultra BHM (women's shoes) - Air Max 1 BHM (men's) The 2015 BHM series pays tribute to the following athletes and Sports Leaders: skateboard Cheap foamposites for sale player Surtees Beasley: Beasley is the ultimate example of skateboarding. He is proud of the development of skateboarding and the quality of skateboarding athletes through active sports. Beasley said, "I focus on maintaining a positive and healthy image. So as a young black professional athlete, my young fans respect me and are inspired by me." football player Kevin Prince Boateng: Boateng objected to the unbearable drawbacks of the field. He encouraged his team to push forward the struggle against racism and take part in it. Boateng said, "we do not want to be ignored and passive. Athletes, musicians and businessmen are responsible for their special duties. We and the society 〉this winter is doomed to be restless. in addition to looking forward to a whole year of slam dunk, the upcoming return, and another pair of shoes is not far from us. It's our lead today - Air, Jordan, 11, Suede. before the real wool "Joe 11" was exposed, we always thought they were. But in fact, when we look closely, we can see that the shoes are made of grey suede material. Although it is not as warm as wool at first glance, it also has a wonderful texture. Caress it gently, as if touching a living life. Following the four double Air Jordan 4 after the price of $400 premium level of Air Jordan in such a pair of Air Jordan 11 in the form of struck again, but this time the market price may be even more distant, Edison brother after all in the early ComplexCon has taken the lead on foot. The Air Jordan 12 ??Flu Game?? is another Air Jordan 12 colorway that will be releasing in 2016, along side the Air Jordan 12 ??French Blue?? and other Retro/OG Air Jordan 12 colorways. Advertisment One of the more iconic Air Jordan 12 releases is the ??Flu Game?? edition, which was worn by Michael Jordan during Game 5 of the 1997 NBA Finals against the Utah Jazz. His Airness put up 38-points all while suffering a flu-like symptoms. The Air Jordan 12 ??Flu Game?? was originally released back in 1997, then later retro??d in 2003, followed by another re-release in 2009. However, the 2009 p Cheap jordans online air didn??t meet ??OG?? standards as they were built with a nubuck upper that included detailing on the heel as a nod to the year and points Michael Jordan scored that day. Now they??re finally set to return as a remastered version for 2016 and will release just like they did when they were OGs. The shoe features a full Black-based upper with Varsity Red accents throughout. Air Jordan 12 Flu Game 2016 Release Date Check out the additional images below and look for the Air Jordan 12 ??Flu Game?? to make its retro debut on May 28th, 2016 at select Jordan Brand retail stores. The retail price tag is set at $190 USD. Air Jordan 12 ??Flu Game?? Black/Varsity Red 130690-002 May 28, 2016 $190 RELATED: Air Jordan Release Dates UPDATE: Check out these exclusive detailed on-feet images of the highly anticipated Air Jordan 12 ??Flu Game?? that retros tomorrow, May 28th. Images courtesy of @LapstoneandHammer. UPDATE: Finish Line will be one of many retailers carrying the Air Jordan 12 ??Flu Game?? release that debuts on May 28th. Check out the latest images below. UPDATE: Get a detailed look at the remastered ??Flu Game?? Air Jordan 12s. UPDATE: More detailed images via @us11hustla of the highly anticipated Air Jordan 12 ??Flu Game?? that retros on May 28th. UPDATE: Check out the latest beauty shots of the Air Jordan 12 Retro ??Flu Game?? below. UPDATE: Here is a detailed look at the remastered 2016 Air Jordan 12 ??Flu Game?? that will be debuting on May 28th. UPDATE: We now have a first look at the men??s Air Jordan 12 Retro ??Flu Game?? release that is set to debut on May 28th. Stay tuned for detailed images coming soon. UPDATE: Here is a first look in kids sizes via @realchickenwop of the ??Flu Game?? Air Jordan 12, along side two other upcoming Air Jordan 12 releases for 2016. Keep it locked for more info. (Below are not the 2016 images)to commemorate the 17 year old Kobe Bryant (Kobe Bryant) officially joined the day occupation basketball, NIKE company has launched a number of "draft" version, which has be Cheap air jordans for sale come a world war shoes proud of the glorious tradition. Today, this Nike Zoom Kobe V, with a Sherlock Hornets color version of the shock debut, so that the world can once again review the history of basketball exciting historical moment. This pair of Nike Zoom Kobe V (5) Sherlock wasp (Charlotte Hornets Draft version of the draft Day) is white / Blue / purple color, notably, this time the shoes fly line adopts fresh and agile pearl white, with purple trim and hook mark foil, interaction and crystal bottom a distance, reflect the potential, Shashi good-looking. Finally, the shoe's tongue also introduced pearl color, people can not help but think of Kobe for the first time into the NBA door that childish, full of youthful spirit of the green appearance. Do not understand the exact date of this new product, please continue to lock NBA battle shoes Wang, if there is the latest news, the first time for everyone wonderful presentation. Source: Battle shoes Wang , Sherlock, Hornets, talent, day, don't note, KoBe, V, battle shoes, Kobe, Lakers, don't note, KOBE, V, shoes comments on : "Sherlock, Hornets, talent, day, don't note, KoBe, V, war shoes, next: Kobe, Lakers, don't note, KOBE, V, war shoes." , following Air Max 1, , Nike, brings a whole new version of Woven for another classic Air Max 90. The new shoes in the design selection of leather or suede to constitute its full recognition to streamline the shoe body, and both sides is changed to fender exquisite leather woven details instead of, and equipped with signs of Max base in Air air cushion. The Woven series comes in 5 colors and will be on sale at and other designated Nike stores early next year. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- extended reading -- -- -- -- -- -- every day at six, on the way home from school, the 1626 WeChat public number makes you home! it's one of the most attractive Hairstyles for girls! can do so much for the team to take part in the marathon? Zhou Bichang? jerseys collocation! Sexy and unassuming you may have overlooked why do the boys have no resistance to girls wearing AJ? - - - - - - - - - - to the tide recommended - - - - - - - - - - Nike Benassi Print Slide black and red flowers Reebok LX8500 retro running shoes upscale suede tornado! All black color matching, Blazer, Mid, PRM, VNTG release, Yeezy Boost 750 circulated on the network are forged? comments on : "top grade suede whirlwind"! Blazer Mid PRM VNTG releases the next article: "Yeezy Boost 750" on the Internet is a forgery?In Tracy - Tracy McGrady back injury claims, many people had questioned the future of the Rockets, the Rockets scored even suspect can not get into the playoffs. Suspect was eventually overthrow the fact that step by step, in the case of absence of Tracy McGrady, Yao Ming and Ron Artest led the Rockets through the clutter, Dikembe Mutombo and Yao Ming to fill the vacancy, led the Rockets rushed to the western third, the Rockets have to play a progressively towards a tacit agreement The transition team. Gradually coming to an end with the regular season, the playoffs are about to start shooting, the Rockets are preparing for a concerted, last year's playoffs without Yao Ming, Tracy McGrady this year's playoffs, no, but more Artest. Online voting from a data point of view, the majority of fans are convinced that no McGrady Rockets this year's playoffs will go farther. Rockets lineup really can not make the league teams are overlooked. rocket is slowly no one who will not break the curse win the game, the Rockets first game against Cleveland, without Tracy McGrady, Artest and Shane Battier PEAK twin pair, one of the best for the league Wei Feng combination of cast iron wall defense, strongly curb James firepower, LeBron playing the ???????, suffering not to say, the Knights also won this season's scoring low. Secondly, the Rockets game against the Hornets, the game without Yao no wheat, another Olympic global spokesperson Dikembe Mutombo replaced Yao starting the game PEAK 3G (Artest, Shane Battier, Dikembe Mutombo) while starting debut. The team much admired uncle, no wheat in the absence of Yao, Artest feel bad situation, expectations, start the team's spiritual leader, gave opponents two blocks in mind, also grabbed several key rebounds ball, his experience all play out. Artest finally awakening, join Shane Battier, Dikembe Mutombo led the team for the Rockets won a crucial victory.??? end of the game in the locker room to see the shoes always tease Shane Battier, he was a bit jealous of new shoes Shane Battier will always comfort him do not worry, be patient, Artest also total will admit defeat to Shane Battier hit back saying his shoes will definitely look better. Artest and Shane Battier this combination in the field have unyielding spirit, for the team to win, the presence of the two is a good partner. Pick the same global spokesperson They have distinct personalities, Battier is very easy-going, while Artest personality and at the same court, unwilling to concede any person, in the race won after he will be excited, will reflect on their own deficiencies in the race after he lost the will to think about their own mistakes, to assume responsibility for the defeat to motivate yourself to better improve the next game. If water is used to describe Shane, then Ron Artest is a fire, they also exist in the field did not result in a situation incompatible, but is played an effect of firmness and flexibility, their different personalities, the means of defense very different, but the effect is equally deadly. Battier has a good overall defensive awareness, not only can play a catalytic role in the overall defense, better able to fight from the outside directly restrict their opponents, while Artest can also be single anti-breakthrough, he will be a go-between defense team's defensive reinforcement ability, his sharp attack also give opponents the key to a deadly threat, which are an integral part of the Rockets in the playoffs. Ron wish was finally realized in the March 21 game against Minnesota rocket, but he also seemed very excited, and ultimately the Rockets Ron Artest with outstanding play and team effort with big score capture wolves. Artest said: "The game we have made great victory, it was a team effort to come by, as well as my new shoes so that we would have more confidence for the next game the Spurs play my new shoes. I am satisfied, I am looking for a long time can finally put on. You do not know, when I saw Shane Mu Tong Mutombo are wearing new shoes, I envy how psychological, ah, ha ha, today I can finally get to wear new boots. "It is worth mentioning that, PEAK 3 stars at the same time in the game to put the Chinese companies design boots, in the playoffs, we will see more players wearing Peak Boots battle arena. The Peak has become the world's only company with seven NBA global spokesperson Chinese companies, in addition to the Rockets Shane Battier, Artest, Dikembe Mutombo, Mavericks Kidd wore boots outside Olympic Lakers Vujacic wear Pick on the new boots, and remarkable performance. 5 stars for the Olympic basketball shoes designed to give a high rating, with players who recognized, I believe that the Olympic will work harder to build the concept of professional basketball, and continue to create the myth of Chinese sporting goods industry, we have reason to I believe international will further miracles in Olympic basketball, to the people to bring more pride. Pick, I CAN PLAY! & nbsp;for women's Force Air 1 of the "Rainbow pearl" theme color, the majority of women sneaker should be very feeling. At the end of 8 when, we have brought in Air Force 1HIGH and Lunar Force of 1 HIGH for everyone. Recently, Force Air 1 series of High and Low two shoe models of the sale has been exposed, and will be officially launched in September 12th. WMNS Air Force 1HiNikecolor: Silver-WhiteWhite/Metallicnumber: 704516-100date: 09/12/14WMNS Air Force 1LowNikecolor: Silver-WhiteWhite/Metallicnumber: 704517-100date: 09/12/14 attention more sneakers related information, as in the slam dunk, welcomed the public subscription number, micro channel search DUNKHOME and subscribe to the surprise and daily guess shoes to play the game, beauty and your various interactive Oh! Micro-blog search dunk home, understand the latest information. source: sneakernews