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& nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; let the fans wistfully of Tiger Woods after recuperating for a full 10 months, he has finally resurfaced in this week's WGC- Accenture Match Play Championship, and the first-round victory, full royal style. Woods used a new number one wooden play, and that is new out of Nike SQ Dymo (8.5 & deg;), shaft for the Mitsubishi Diamana White Board 83x. The 2008 US Open, Tiger with a shaft with the same Nike SasQuatch Tour (7.5 & deg;) kick-off wood won the championship. & Nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; Dymo woods Woods does not have to use the new Nike STR8-Fit technology, which makes the club face angle, club head angle and shaft angle you can get regulation. As for Irons, Woods using a new set of Nike Victory Red Forged Blades. The irons are tailor-made for the woods. In terms of ball, Woods did not use the new Nike Tour ball, but continue to use the previous Nike One Platinum ball (One Platinum Edition). Woods comeback undoubtedly made a great advertisement for the Nike Dymo at the beginning of the new series of kick-off wood. This series has four One kick-off wood, one of the two models, SQ Dymo STR8-Fit and SQ Dymo2 STR8-Fit Nike first introd Cheap jordans online uced possess "Adjusting the head" system (adjustable-head system). Every Dymo STR8-Fit and SQ Dymo2 STR8-Fit user can unscrew the head from the shank, and then adjusted to an eight different positions. If you want to increase the rotation of the ball, you can twist the shaft to the left, will be transferred to the position of the three face a closed position, as it can help you play a more straight kickoff. If you want to play the hook the ball, you can choose from three clubface open position in one, so you can more easily tee on the fairway. According to the players to do their own regulation, Nike claimed 10.5 & deg; the SQ Dymo STR8-Fit or SQ Dymo2 STR8-Fit clubhead degree adjustable range from 8.5 & deg; to 12.5 & deg; between. And (2) used in the kick-off wood grip it has been specifically designed to make it look and feel will not use to adjust the position of. UST AXIV Core shaft 59 grams, 69 grams and 79 grams a variety of weight options. SQ Dymo2 STR8-Fit wood has a square head, this design for fault tolerance and those who desired to maximize driving distance of the players who has a great appeal. The SQ Dymo STR8-Fit still has a traditional appearance, Cheap foamposites for sale making it easier for players to play a left hook or a little ball. However, in the left rear and right rear area of ??the block so that any increase in weight of the club is worth to increase MOI. The new Dymo woods Another peculiar shape is called PowerBow weight system. In fact, different loft angle of wood in the back of the club have subtle differences in the weight of U-shaped block. loft angle increases, the greater the weight of the block. According to Nike, it said the system can adjust the MOI and the center of gravity in different loft angle configuration. The new Dymo STR8-Fit wood retails for $ 540. If the players feel that this price is too high, then Nike is also provided without STR8-Fit system SQ Dymo and SQ Dymo2 wood, priced at $ 360. Both still with PowerBow weight of the system, the quality is no different. Loft angle and SQ Dymo SQ Dymo2 from 8.5 & deg; to 11.5 & deg; range. Dymo STR8-Fit One wood will be officially listed on 1 April.1, LAN - bayas if not for the tragedy, bayas today will reach the height of what? Whether the Celtics Dynasty will continue until the middle of the 90's? Since bayas in the 1986 draft second days due to drug overdo cheap foamposites se and death, people have asked similar questions. Derrick Byars graduated at the University of Maryland, in the NCAA was known as Savior of the NBA, the future, and even said he overtook Michael Jordan. Bai Yasi's death is a watershed in the history of the Celtic team, cardinal for night bald, the military Lvshan was also hexed, then began to sink. Bayas death prompted the union to increase players of drug abuse investigation. tragedy index: 102, Drazen - Bideluoweiqi, known as the "basketball Mozart" Croatia star Petrovic is the landing of the first NBA international players one, paving the way for the development of future international players, the 1986 NBA draft, Petrovic 1.96 meters in height is pioneering team selected. 1990 - 91 season turn shooting nets, Petrovic began to emerge, from 1991 - 93 two seasons, his field were score has never been less than 20 minutes, was also named the all star team. In June 7, 1993, Petrovic died in a car accident in Germany, only 29 years old, he was visiting his girlfriend. The nets will be the No. 3 jersey retired in memory. The tragedy of index: 103, Lei Ji - Lewis The sudden death of Lewis's but the Celtics team in the histor Retro jordans for sale y of the most painful event. Lewis height 2.01 meters, in 1987 the first round of twenty-second by the Celtics selected. Occupation career the 6 season, Lewis averaged 17.6 points and 4.3 rebounds, 2.6 assists, two - 93 of the 1991 season, Lewis averaged 20.8 points are. In July 27, 1993, Lewis took part in a basketball game is of no great importance, because of a heart attack and sudden death, only 27 years old, he was later identified cocaine. The Celtics will be the No. 35 jersey. Lewis's death makes the military Lvshan revival plan was postponed for several years. The tragedy of index: 9.54, Eddie - Griffin Griffin is from now a recent player accidentally killed. Griffin height 2.08 meters, in 2001 the first round was the seventh pick nets selected, immediately to the rockets. 5 years of occupation career, Griffin averaged 7.2 points and 5.8 rebounds. Griffin early in the league which is considered unlimited potential, but life style an indecent act such as drinking and drug abuse, also repeatedly for some reason suspended by the team. August 17, 2007, Griffin has just been laid off the Timberwolves forced to drive through the guardrail, and a freight train collided Cheap jordans online air jordan 11 blackout for sale died, only 25 years old, hearts like star is such a regret to fall. The tragedy of index: 9.〉At this year's single product updates, we must also pay attention to the importance of brand joint, especially like Jordan Brand the hardest hit or no slack. The recent exposure of the OFF-WHITE x AJ 1 is one of them. will first look back to the fragment design x Air Jordan 1 after joint, this double by Teng Yuan Hao to create the topic for today is classic. Along with a series of topic of speculation, OFF-WHITE x Air Jordan 1 finally surfaced. The shape of "double Chicago" full color for carrying shoes highlights in the design element to the brand loyalty is the hotbed of price speculation. At present, the market price has been more than 20 thousand yuan price, seems to have been far away from the ordinary consumer purchasing power, but there is no exposure of available information, but also can look forward to another pair of red color exposure. About the upcoming February NBA all star game related shoes limited more and more information, the latest exposure is a pair of Air Jordan 5 Low ASG series, the limited suction eye of the full, the main design in a low-key Cheap foamposites for sale appearance as camouflage. Gray as the main color, with silver camouflage pattern to the body of the shoe in. Black and white content in the bottom of the direct visual effect, enhance the shoe body camouflage characteristics. It can be said that this double high value Yan NBA All Star Limited will become the hot rush of many shoes. Interested friends may wish to pay attention to relevant information available. Text: Kobe source: sneakernews last year, a pink CNCPTS x new balance 997 rose let countless people dumping, and crowned as the best color list for the first time; this year, this from Boston shoes store concepts, choose to challenge self, once again to the new balance 997 is modeled to create "luxury goods". Orange white bottom vamp collocation, simple color combination, is full of high quality materials; shoes overall texture is more prominent. At the end of last month, this color has landed major designated retailers, interested friends can look at. When the guest shoes identification of the hot line, to support the fight against fake ma!! Immediately search the Apple App store to download and install the APP-- when the passenger grab shoe artifact artifact!! Cheap air jordans for sale WeChat search for "dunkhome", micro-blog search "when guest"!! Source: RUNNERWALLY small emperor James's classic "Cork" color reproduction boots network, not just the hot Nike LeBron X, but the previous generation of Nike LeBron 9 "Cork", the new products designed by FBCC, the body of the shoe to the cork colors, while grinding sand collocation tongue, Swoosh, leather laces and decorative lining black, red, fly line lace holes and heel pull rope to bring the same sense of eye-catching decorative shoes. And the white bottom take the red window, AIR MAX air cushion is bring a lot of fresh and harmonious feeling. Jordan 12 Fusion Silver/Chutney-Stealth-Glacier Ice LS Download (133.59 KB) Download (44.66 KB) Download (256.7 KB) Download (267 KB)Native and Shoes spring began to bring you a surprise in color, rich colors and lively continuation of the spirit of the brand, Native in this season created a new color let you eye, while wearing a providing more choice. Meanwhile, Native has improved the season's absence since the season, and each shoe has a double deck structure to prevent paint stripping. 2011-12-17 11:04 upload and download attachments (124.64 KB) 2011-12-17 upload and download attachments at 11:04 (118.62, KB) 2011-12-17 upload and download attachments at 11:04 (96.1, KB) recently announced NIKE 2012 January upcoming new golf shoes. The announcement of the Nike Dunk NG is a perfect combination of familiar Dunk shoes and favorite golf. The gorgeous Nike Dunk color collocation and golf shoes sole hobnail unique, although the NIKE DUNK cooperation and golf is not what the high-end technology integration, but this cooperation can still give Golf brought a lot of sense of youth and vitality. July 21, 2007 night at 9:50, Putian City, Fujian province Hu Shi Zhen Xiuyu Feida uppers workshop with major fire occurred, has caused 37 deaths, 19 people were injured and sent to hospital for emergency rescue, staged a scene of human tragedy. Indeed, the shoe factory fire belongs to the industry, there is a fire risk is higher, but if the enterprise can really improve the fire safety consciousness, fundamentally strengthen the risk of fire prevention, and the effective use of this tool for insurance risk transfer, to a certain extent, reduce the occurrence of fire and reduce fire losses can be achieved the. seven "fuse"" according to several years of experience in insurance, all state insurance, from the production characteristics of shoe-making enterprises, shoe factory fire, there are seven main reasons: first, insufficient attention, inadequate fire facilities investment. Some shoe-making enterprises in order to save money in a serious shortage of fire facilities, and fire extinguishers only exist a number of deficiencies, the wrong type of problem, once the fire, no fire, fire fighting ability, only waiting for the fire rescue; two is the enterprise fire safety education and training seriously lag behind. Management of fire safety awareness, staff training to carry out fire prevention and fighting against. In September 20, 2007, Chongqing County of Bishan city leather shoes a shoe factory fire, the factory guards were not using the fire extinguisher, the measures taken are just shout, let others to put out the fire, the best time delaying the fire, causing a small fire into the fire, causing irreparable economic losses. three is the production plant, does not meet the fire code. More concentrated in Guangdong, Fujian footwear enterprises in Zhejiang and Wenzhou and other places, many shoe companies are from artisanal enterprises developed, of which a large part of the shoe factory production workshop is rental, the building itself without fire control examination and approval and acceptance, the necessary fire water pump room, indoor and outdoor fire hydrant without is not up to the fire safety requirements, there is a serious fire hazard, most shoe factory fire spacing is insufficient, easy huoshaolianying "," three in one "phenomenon is serious, once the fire occurs, can easily lead to accidents qunsiqunshang. four is the layout of the electrical wiring of the plant, does not meet the fire safety standards. Electrical equipment, shoe factory in the lighting and power distribution line number, wide distribution, complex electric circuit part of the enterprise according to the specified installation of temporary power lines, Luanla random access, lack of electric power distribution cabinet, build a shell around the debris piled up and so serious, become the lead electrical fire hazard.Nike Air Huarache "Hyper Pink" color real exposure After 01.jpg (55.25 KB, download number: 0) download 2014-2-20 15:31 upload